What A Healthy Vagina Smells Like, How to Maintain Good Vagina hygiene

Should a v@gina be odourless, should it have an odour or should it smell like roses?

The truth is the v@gina isn’t odourless because it houses a lot of bacteria. However, some are normal, and others aren’t.

Instead of desiring your v@gina to have no odour, you should be more concerned with the kind of smell coming out of it.

Healthy v@gina
A healthy v@gina could smell like;

This may be because of the incoming menstrual period or rough s£x. Sometimes, s£x can lead to abrasion and bruising in your v@gina.

Sweet and earthy, some people’s v@gina can smell sweet but not like strawberry but an earthy musty sweetness.

Fermented like spoilt yoghurt or bread.


Unhealthy v@gina

Unhealthy v@gina would smell like;

Dead fish
The famous fishy smell. No, your v@gina should not be smelling like spoiled fish, that usually indicates another condition like trichinosis or bacterial vaginosis.

Decaying animal
The smell of a decaying organism is the type of smell that makes one scream out loud in horror. This kind of smell is quite worrying.


How to treat unhealthy va@gina

If you notice your v@gina is giving off a bad smell accompanied by other symptoms like itching, bleeding when it isn’t your period, pain during s£x or thick discharge then see a doctor.

So how do you get your v@gina to have a normal smell? No, the solution isn’t to pour perfume down below or spray all your underwear with heavy deodorant.

Good v@gina hygiene can help you have a better smelling v@gina. Habits like;

Urinating after s£x.
Wearing clean underwear.
Using unscented soap to wash the v@gina.
Taking a bath after sweating.
Changing underwear daily.
Wearing breathable underwear.
Not having multiple s£xual partners. Multiple sexual partners can affect the PH of your vagina.
Avoid wearing tight clothing.

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