Welcome to the application form to become a youth facilitator with the Youth Engagement and Empowerment Programme (YEEP) of the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Center (UNCCT).

We invite you to answer each of these questions in order for us to assess your evaluation and select the best suited applicants. Successful applicants will become the first cohort of young peacebuilders in South Asia and Southeast Asia under the framework of UNCCT’s YEEP.

Five ways to support youth inclusion in peacebuilding | Conciliation  ResourcesFive ways to support youth inclusion in peacebuilding | Conciliation  Resources

By applying, you are committing to actively participate in an online five-week course, that can potentially culminate in an in-person event (subject to relevant COVID-19 restriction guidelines). The assessment of your application will be primarily based on your experience and motivation. The programme is intended to be delivered in teams, so it’s ideal if you have a co-facilitator in mind who can also apply. Please note that we are not necessarily looking for the most experienced applicants, as we are seeking to establish a diverse group.

Profile of Facilitators:

Facilitators are young people between the age of 18-29, working at NGOs or similar, who are experienced in relationship building and have access to a network of youth. These people are, when possible, active in communities affected by violent extremism. They can also be young practitioners with experience of facilitation and first-hand contact with youth.

We would love for you to have:
• Strong passion for peacebuilding, conflict resolution and social inclusion
• Youth work experience, in a formal or informal setting, including volunteer work
• Previous facilitation training and/or facilitation experience with youth
• Experience working within the context of P/CVE
• Good communication skills
• Ability to work in a team

Desired, but not essential:
• Familiarity with the UN Security Council resolutions 2250 and 2419 and the United Nations Secretary General’s Plan of Action on Preventing Violent Extremism
• An understanding of the push and pull factors conducive to violent extremism
• General knowledge of peacebuilding, youth-led organizations, capacity development and/or international UN policy frameworks related to these fields
• Experience drafting reports and policy documents


The YEEP offers a comprehensive online training course that consists of ten basic modules:

1.Introduction: Familiarizing with the programme, peers and the programme team

2.Violent extremism: Participants explore the PCVE subject matter and reflect on their own situation and experiences.

3.Youth: Exploring the role of youth in PCVE and learning about the UN Security Council Resolution 2250.

4.Gender: The crucial and diverse roles of women and men are explored, as well as the implication of gender stereotypes on workshop dynamics.

5.Facilitation: Skill -building to handle difficult conversations

6.Teamwork: Facilitators work in teams to deliver a workshop

7.Building your workshop: The facilitators build their own workshop with support from their peers and the Youth Programme Specialists

8.Implementing your workshop: Facilitators learn and apply a simple baseline study, pre and post survey tools to monitor overall engagement and performances

9.Writing your report: The findings of the workshop are documented and submitted.

The hybrid training course combines self-paced reading, live webinars, exercises, training videos, and ongoing coaching and mentoring from UNCCT Youth Engagement Specialists and aims to prepare the facilitators to organize and lead their own peer-to-peer workshops.

APPLY HERE https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1DET3-tGj9pYWdF3AMzJ_qHsjohOt0dKeHoo8ROkKywY/viewform?ts=60eef490&edit_requested=true

Deadline to apply is 10 September.

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