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Deadline: June 17th 2021

Peniel Mentorship Program (PMP) is the first-ever virtual mentorship program specifically designed for youths with disabilities in Africa, It’s a 6 monthly program that seeks to close both the network and opportunities gap and connect talented youths with disabilities to influential mentors around the world.


The overall goal is to strengthen the capacity of youths with disabilities to make them secure jobs and other opportunities.


Build skills to make the mentees employable and financially independent
Possibly curb biases towards PWDS as being lazy or unemployable
Help PWD’S build alliances
It is an opportunity to network and build monetizable skills


Get a career and life or mindset coach to cater for all mentees and help them overcome limiting beliefs
Link mentees with mentors in their field
Find a way to ensure that the mentees remain focused and engage with each other to share ideas etc
Reach out to mentors from last year who didn’t get matched with a mentee
Come up with forms

To help youths with disabilities increase their skills and access jobs and opportunities
Fostering inclusion through mentorship
Mindset Reorientation
To provide internships, paid work experience, and job placement support
Why join Peniel Mentorship Program
Peniel Mentorship program will empower youths with disabilities in Africa, and give them access to mentors and coaches from around the world, which will, in turn, expose them to some international networks, opportunities, and platforms.
Are you a youth living with disabilities in Africa?
Do you need help in regards to building a career? Mentoring will enable you to focus on how to forge ahead in your career.
Peniel Mentorship Program aims to match Professionals (career) with youths with disabilities to raise career aspirations and helping to improve their employability with the right foundation.
In light of the underrepresentation of youths with disabilities in the workplace in Africa, PMP will assist the youths in gaining internship opportunities, paid work experience, and job placement support.
PMP provides mentees access to a mentor, who will support them in achieving their goals that are connected to employment, educational achievement, and civic engagement leadership.
We support mentees towards building their self-confidence, endurance and assist them towards their identified goals.
The mentees are learning expertise
Mentees build experience and knowledge while providing opportunities.
The mentees will have access to supportive relationships that will allow them to attain their career goal
Why become a Mentor?
During mentorship programs, mentors benefit from the mentees’ relationship as well. The mentor attains a sense of fulfillment and purpose that money can’t buy by rendering support and assistance to a mentee.
PMP will help Mentors learn about the capabilities of persons with disabilities. The mentors are learning about themselves and mentors without disabilities are learning about disability from a practical and not theoretical perspective.

Eligibility and Requirements for Mentors:
Be a dynamic professional with 5+ years of relevant experience in a particular thematic area or soft skill with a particular thematic/skill interest, willing to commit to a 6 months program
Available to participate in the orientation and graduation virtual Ceremony at the beginning and end of the program as well as to participate in the evaluation activities of the program
Willing and able to meet online twice a month (minimum; meetings may be more frequent or longer by mutual agreement) with the mentee
Excited to support and guide mentees by sharing your experience and knowledge and challenging mentees in their own goal-making, project, or career plan
Complete the enrolment form with a short bio (300 words max.) with links to any relevant work or projects
Eligibility and Requirements for Mentees
Dedicated, committed youth with disabilities in Africa
Within the age of 18 – 35 years
Committed to taking the initiative in a mentoring relationship, including outlining personal and professional goals for the program
Available to participate in the orientation and conclusion Online meeting at the beginning and end of the program as well as to participate in the evaluation activities of the program
Willing and able to meet with your mentor online twice a month (minimum; meetings may be more frequent or longer by mutual agreement)
Complete this form and share a one-page resume with your clear expectations from this program and the description of the initiative you would like to pursue with the support of your mentor *out the other party within this period.
Benefits of E-Mentoring
Eliminates geographical barrier
Eliminates transportation barrier
Increases opportunities
Increases Communication
Enhances educational performance

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