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Deadline: Friday, May 28th, 2021.

Are you between 15-29 years of age (or know someone) with digital skills who has substantially contributed to some aspect of community-focused sector development? If so, we invite you/them to fill out the nomination form above to be considered for — and possibly profiled — in our Youth Digital Champions case study collection.

So What is the Youth Digital Champions (YDC) initiative?

The mEducation Alliance, a consortia of development and donor agencies, and a number of youth-serving organizations are advancing the Youth Digital Champions initiative to build upon youth interest and passion in digital technologies (broadly defined to include mass media, such as radio and television, computer- based and mobile devices) to strengthen community development and self-reliance efforts in lower resource, developing country context by:

  1. raising awareness of and promoting youth (15 -29 yrs. old) access to digital literacy skills training, employment, and entrepreneurship opportunities and,
  2.  identifying, advancing, and supporting digitally-enabled young leaders in international, national, and local community development issues.

Through this call, we are inviting youth engaged in volunteer or paid sector-related work (e.g., Health, Education, Agriculture, Community Development, Civic Engagement) and applying these leadership and digital skills for significant impact in the communities where they live/work to submit a nomination for inclusion in our YDC case study collection. 

Generic YDC examples might include:

  • A YDC serving as a digital infomediary for collecting and disseminating digital information of relevance to local farmers;
  • A YDC who has developed a community radio series to support household level instruction in literacy and numeracy; and/or,
  • A YDC using smartphone apps, including GPS, to map local health and agriculture services for populations in refugee communities.

Following a selection process, some nominees will be approached to further develop their YDC stories into case studies. These case studies will then be shared among the broader mEducation Alliance community and partner network of development and donor agencies and policymakers and with other leading organizations advancing youth and digital literacy skills development worldwide.

Why Apply to be Recognized as a YDC?

  • Global recognition by individuals and organizations deeply interested in the space of digital and youth leadership;
  • Invitations to present at virtual and physical international events;
  • Mentorship by leading youth, international development, and technology-focused public and private sector organizations; and/or,
  • Peer networking with other YDCs.

YDC nominations will be accepted on a rolling basis through Friday, May 28th, 2021.

If you would like more information, including how to contribute to the YDC initiative, please email us at


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