Long Island artist K Hus has been making a splash as of late thanks to his sticky melodies and strong songwriting ability. In 2021, melodies are more important than they’ve ever been which makes K Hus a hot commodity in the music world. He continues to attract big names to his music and over the weekend, he came through and dropped a brand new song called “The Blame (I Can Do Better)” which features the likes of YSL artist Lil Duke.

With this track, K Hus can be found singing over some nice guitar loops that really complement his autotuned voice. From there, the lyrics are about a woman he is trying to court, as he claims that he can do everything better than whatever she has experienced as of late. Duke comes through with a solid verse as well, making this a laid-back song that is perfect for any warm-weather playlist.

Quotable Lyrics:

Girl tell me what you into
I’ll tell you what I been through
What’s on your mental
Cuz the love ain’t the same

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