Austin singer-songwriter Tyler Dozier aka Lady Dan has shared a new single from her forthcoming debut album, I Am the Prophet. It’s called ‘Misandrist to Most’ and it arrives with an accompanying video, which you can check out below.

In a statement, Dozier described the new track as a “feminist anthem for any person sick of waiting on the convenience of men. Simply put: That’s fine, I’ll do it myself.” She added: “This song was written on the principle of no longer waiting around for help; to put simply, help yourself. I think in a patriarchal society women are taught that they need men’s help for certain things and I wanted to send a very clear message that that just isn’t true. You can be your own everything. So for this video, we decided to portray that in a very fun and lighthearted way! We left a lot of bloopers and goofy takes just for our own good laughter. I hope this track and video inspires women to look at solving problems as empowering and fun.”

I Am the Prophet arrives on April 23 via Earth Libraries. Previously, Lady Dan shared the single ‘No Home’ as well as the title track.

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