UNICEF launches the global online course Integrating Climate Change in UNICEF Planning and Programming. The course was developed by UNICEF’s Regional Office South Asia in collaboration with UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research) with the aim to inspire and increase climate change action among UNICEF staff at Country Offices, Regional Offices and HQ. 

With 4 modules, the course is 3-hours long and self-paced. The last module includes the final learning assessment quiz which, if completed successfully, will reward participants with a course completion certificate.

The course can be accessed in AGORA (https://agora.unicef.org/c/integrating-climate-change) and at the UNCCLEARN platform (https://unccelearn.org/course/view.php?id=115&page=overview).

If you have connectivity issues, please download the  Agora Offline app that will allow you to download the course (or individual modules of the course) and then learn without being dependent on the quality and/or reliability of internet.

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