Bobby Shmurda is lucky to be out of prison but he is on parole which means that he has some strict conditions to adhere to for the next few years.

The buzzing New York rapper was seen at many parties during the NBA all star weekend in Atlanta but a lot of fans noticed how he was mellow and adhering to the Covid safety protocols like wearing a mask throughout and avoiding questionable activities. Turns out, he can’t drink alcohol or hang out at bars or with gangs, according to the conditions of his parole.

He is under parole supervision until Feb. 23, 2026 and one of the special conditions that comes with it is an 8 PM curfew. TMZ reports that he also has to submit to substance abuse testing and get counseling for aggression and anger. Apart from that, he has to maintain employment which should not be too difficult for him as the demand for the entertainer’s services is bound to be on the high side.

Bobby revealed earlier this month that 50 Cent was the only person who genuinely reached out to him for helping out in his bail.

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