Deadline: 03/26/2021

Project All For All is hosting Youth Empowerment For All (YEFA), a free virtual capacity building conference. It will use workshops, panels, and networking sessions to teach young people how to solve issues in their communities. By the end of YEFA, attendees will have:

– Identified issues in their local community
– Ideated multiple solutions to the issues
– Discovered best practices regarding how to present their solution ideas verbally and digitally
– Found opportunities to get involved in social change
– Received a certificate
– Made connections with people from around the world.

All participants will receive a certificate and a solution innovation workbook. They will also be the first ones to join Project All For All’s Youth Network, which will allow young people globally to connect and network with each other. We have an amazing set of experienced speakers for this event, who will inspire you to make a difference.

This opportunity is free, virtual, and open to all. Visit for further details or register directly at


  1. I wouldlike to join this service, so that I may add and increase the knowledge concerning what you are doing.
    Thank you a lot.

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