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Cardi B, Bobby Shmurda & More Show Support For #FreeHaiti


Protesters in Haiti are calling on the resignation of President Jovenel Moïse after the death of police officers in a failed operation in Port-Au-Prince.

Tension in Haiti reached a new height on Friday after months of protests calling for the resignation of the current president Jovenel Moise. On Friday, four police officers and several others were injured during an anti-gang gone wrong in the gang-controlled neighborhood of Village de Dieu that became notorious for harboring kidnapping victims and abusing them. Video of the botched operation emerged online, including footage of the killers dragging and beating the bodies of two officers. Reports claim that the gunfire from the murders of the police officers was heard throughout Port-Au-Prince.

The protests have been going on for weeks but the increase of high-crime, including gang warfare and kidnappings, have prompted celebrities in the United States to show their support. Bobby Shmurda and Cardi B were among those to share #FreeHaiti tweets. Tory Lanez called out President Jovenl Moise, writing, “What the fuck are you on?! #FreeHaiti. My son is haitian. give him something to look forward to not look back on.”

Karen Civil also shared resources for people to understand the current situation in Haiti, writing, “The current devastation happening in Haiti is not only unjust but inhumane. For centuries my people have been knocked down and persecuted unlawfully and it stops now. We cannot stand by and allow this to happen to yet another black nation. For once we must #FreeHaiti.”

Keep the people of Haiti in your thoughts. 

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