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B2K’s J-Boog Blasts Zaya Wade & Michelle Obama’s Interview As “Demonic”


He commented on Zaya being transgender & claims the “new agenda” is attempting to “take away the man, make the women the new man.”

Not many people are able to sit down and interview one of their idols, but 13-year-old Zaya Wade did just that. Just yesterday (March 4), Dwyane Wade’s daughter and Gabrielle Union’s stepdaughter was provided the opportunity to interview former First Lady Michelle Obama. Zaya was praised by Michelle when Obama said, “I am just so proud of you for being just an amazing role model and embracing your truth.” Not everyone has agreed with Zaya Wade coming out as transgender at a young age, or at all, so Michelle’s compliments have stirred up controversy. B2K singer and Love & Hip Hop star J-Boog commented on the interview, stating that this is all the “new agenda” to “take away the man.”

“This is not cool. Very demonic. Using a child for their new agenda,” J-Boog wrote in a comment on Hollywood Unlocked‘s post. “Take away the man , make the women the new man. And no more reproduction. This child shouldn’t be the front runner of the movement . Sad but true. Wake up ppl. This world is close to the end. It’s like they creating the gateway for the kids that are coming up.”

“Like the power of suggestion and saturation of the new human is scary. Look at the clothes for men, etc. Hair styles,” he continued. “Men looking more like women by the day. And women’s attitudes are becoming more manly by the day. [sad crying emoji]” J-Boog’s comments have garnered mixed responses as some agree with him while others have deemed his views to be harmful. Do you agree with him? Check out the video of Zaya and Michelle below.


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