Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak dropped ‘Leave The Door Open‘ last night which marks the first single as part of their newly formed group Silk Sonic.

The reception to the smooth record has been quite good. But how did the duo come together and decide to make an album? They sat down with Zane Lowe on Apple Music to discuss the details about it. “There’s a song on the album that we started in 2017, that was on tour. And it was just a little phrase that we had that we were joking around going back and forth about. And when we got to the studio, I actually called him on his birthday and I said, “I think I figured out that little hook we had. Come to the studio.” He’s like, “It’s my birthday.” So he came drunk. After every take, he was on fire,” said Bruno about their initial sessions.

They also talked about how making music together in person has a special charm to it. “These days, you get so many collaborations where a lot of it’s done through email, you never meet the person, it’s texts. It’s like a play. It’s all this sh-t and people don’t understand, when you get in and you can jam with someone and other artists that could hold it down and you’re bouncing, that’s different. That’s the difference and you’re really creating a groove from scratch. You guys are trying to figure out what’s going to work. What’s the math behind this that’s going to get everybody feeling good? What is it? Is it too heavy? Is it not heavy enough? And especially with this song, it’s a song that requires so much patience,” said .Paak.

Further, Bruno also spoke on his hiatus from music (he hasn’t released an album since the blockbuster 24K Magic in 2016).

“Zane, if it ain’t fun for me no more – I don’t care. Try to find something that’s fun. To me, that’s what success is: being able to provide, doing what you love and that’s what I’ve been doing. But if this has ever not fun for me, if this ever feels like it’s- Mundane. I’m out, because that means that love is gone. That monster inside of me is gone. When you’re a kid, all you want to do is be the best. I’m going to be the best. I’m want the best songs. I want this. I want that. That’s still in me, I still got more to prove. I still think I could write a better song. I still think that me and Andy together are going to elevate to a different level. And we’re going to be the best versions of us.” Watch their interview below.

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