Cops have found ammunition at a picnic spot.Cops have found ammunition at a picnic spot.

Police recovered a bag loaded with firearms and over 100 rounds of ammunition in Swellendam in the Western Cape.

The weapons were found in a sports bag in Appelsbosch on Monday.

Police spokesperson Sergeant Christopher Spies said police were alerted to the bag by a member of the public.


Firearms that were recovered in Swellendam.


“Members were on patrol at about 18:30, when they were alerted about a suspicious bag seen next to the road at a picnic spot by a member of the public. Upon arrival at the picnic spot, they noticed an abandoned black sports bag. Inside the bag, police discovered illegal firearms, firearm parts and ammunition,” said Spies.

The weapons included an R1 rifle, a handgun, 105 R1 live rounds and three 9mm rounds.

Spies said police are investigating the matter. No one has been arrested.

“Police management have thanked the member of the public who conveyed the important information to the police. This unselfish act contributes greatly to policing efforts to remove illegal firearms out of the hands of criminals, to ensure that communities are and feel safe,” Spies said.

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