The ongoing online feud between Benzino and Coi Leray has a new chapter, now that The Source icon has returned verbal fire. Benzino and his daughter Coi Leray have been going back and forth throughout the day (March 1) after Benzino addressed Leray’s “No More Parties” lyrics where she claims he wasn’t there for her. The former music executive called the complaint an untruth and added that Leray has been living a well-off life. “Coi was raised in a mansion and had everything she ever asked for. My other two sons are grown and would never say these things,” he said.

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Leray clapped back with a video where her frustrations with her father were visible. “It’s crazy ’cause we was just on the phone crying yesterday, sharing this moment. Like, really sharin’ the moment,” she said. “For this man to come on here and do this is so lame and this is the reason he burned all his bridges today. Look here, father… I’m on Billboard charting right now and all you can do is this lame sh*t? Yeah, still proving on how much you lack as a father.”

Benzino is back, and this time he’s defending his name against his daughter’s allegations. “People need a storyline and y’all saying ‘clout,’ she mentioned me in the song,” said Benzino. “Stupid. Y’all wouldn’t have known nothin’ was goin’ on. Coi had everything she wanted. I was flying Coi to meet every summer, every Spring Break, every—she was in Miami. I got her in a movie… Every Christmas, Thanksgiving, she’s with me. Her brother and her other brother, they was all with me. Every last one… Her mother poisoned that. A lot of mother’s do that to guys. That’s a regular thing in the ‘hood.”

“The mothers get mad ’cause you ain’t with ’em no more, then they start poisoning the kid’s minds,” he continued. “I met Coi’s mother in the projects… I took care of her two sons that wasn’t mine. She tell you that, too? Get out of here. Y’all are stupid. I didn’t even want this sh*t, but I knew it would happen. I knew once she put that line in the song, I knew what was gonna happen.”

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