The communities in Ebonyi State are facing another set of attacks. This is as information made available indicates that the warriors of Effium [Uffioumites] launched attack at Ugoeze community. The number of casualty in unknown. The attack is still ongoing as at 12:07pm Monday February 22, 2021.

Earlier today, the Uffiom warriors from neighbouring communitiesof Akparata, Ogbagere, Enwemiri, Okporo launched attacks against the villages of Onueroro, Amawular, Umueze.

The current attacks are taking place as the Governor of Ebonyi State is holed up in a peace meeting with stakeholders of Ezza community. A source reveals that as they were in talks with the Governor, the Uffiom warriors launched their attacks on all the villages.

The military were not present to repel the attacks. “The attacks are occurring everywhere. I cannot reach anybody their in villages now. They are running amok now. The Governor invited our people for a meeting today by 1pm and these guys strike in all direction“.

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