Gabriela Hearst presented her 2021 ready-to-wear Fall collection at New York fashion week. The inspiration behind the collection is the Saint Hildegard of Bingen. Hildegard was a polymath and Benedictine abbess; in fact, he had a strong love for the environment, which is where the inspiration came from. 

Set in an empty warehouse, the colour choice for the collection was neutral; black, white, beige and pops of colours. The collection used a mixture of materials like leather, wool, and silks, and there was are a variety of techniques used on the knitwear to create different texture and patterns. Hearst utilised various design techniques like laser-cut, pleats, lacing, crochet, and hand-sewn flowers for the collection. Moreover, the prints and crocheted flowers used were Hearst’s daughter Mia’s interpretation of Hildegard’s painted flower art. 

Watch the full show here.

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