We know how much you are interested in knowing more about the world of energy and there is no doubt that the diversity and authenticity of the Latin American and Caribbean region generate the right conditions to maximize your curiosity and learning, that as youth every day we are looking to develop.

We are full of vital energy and that is why we launched our first Regional Program called Latin American Youth Energy Circle, which is an initiative sponsored by the International Committee of the Latin American Energy Summit for Students 2021 and the Colectivo Ecologista Jalisco, AC (www. studentenergy.org) (www.cej.org.mx)

We designed them with you in mind, who are full of concern and ideas to foster a dialogue focused on youth creating innovative solutions to the challenges of the energy transition in the region.

Through the National Focal Points we promote advocacy spaces to allow young people to express their opinions on social, environmental, technological and political issues in terms of energy and thus catalyze the impact on the community and youth leadership of each country.

Each focal point will be part of a central collaborative structure in which their achievements and feats drive the culmination of the 2021 Latin American Student Energy Summit 2021 (LASES2021), an unparalleled experience that will take place in Guadalajara, Jalisco de remotely and in more than 42 countries virtually.

Through action-oriented discussions along with the recommendations of current change agents in the energy and sustainable sector, we will establish TOGETHER! the main criteria to achieve a just, healthy and sustainable energy transition.

Main objectives.

1. Provide support regarding the nomination process for youth delegates to the Summit.
2. Ensure rapid and efficient communication and dissemination of information relevant to the Summit among regional networks.
3. Formulate financing strategies to ensure the participation of each country in the region.
4. Facilitate the process of rapprochement with experts and high-level actors from each country corresponding to the Summit.
5. Promote the discussion of social, political, environmental and economic challenges and problems around the most detonating energy sector in each country.

Deadline: April 8, 2020  

Find attached the images and the social media call, please support us sharing this call widely:
ENGLISH:⚡Are you young and would you like to promote the energy transition in Latin America and the Caribbean? ⚡

Become the Focal Point of your country and let’s build together a fair, healthy, and sustainable energy transition.

In the following link find the call and find out in what ways you can participate. You have until April 8, 2021 to participate or nominate someone.

⚡Registration: https://bit.ly/3jw2ch2

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