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Tom Brady Congratulates Rob Gronkowski After Super Bowl Win


Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are a legendary tandem.

Tom Brady is easily one of the most frustrating quarterbacks in existence if you aren’t a fan. In fact, over the years, Brady haters have been scorned at every single juncture. He continues to win Super Bowls and on Sunday, he picked up his seventh championship in what turned out to be a huge blowout over the Kansas City Chiefs. In the first half alone, Brady was able to throw two touchdowns to Rob Gronkowski, who always seems to come up big in these moments.

After the game, Brady shared a touching moment with Gronk during a post-game press conference. In the clip below, you can see Brady spot Gronk while being interviewed, which led to Brady shouting out “Robby G, congrats baby.” It was a nice moment that both players are going to remember for a long time.

Gronk and Brady have now won four Super Bowl titles together which is a truly incredible achievement. In fact, Gronkowski was retired for one season although when Brady went to Tampa Bay, Gronk came out of retirement so he could be reunited with his favorite quarterback. In the end, it worked out well for everyone involved, and for the second time, the Buccaneers are Super Bowl champions.

Going into next year, these two will be looking to grab a fifth Super Bowl together, which would be nothing short of miraculous.

Tom Brady & Rob Gronkowski

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