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Alex Jones Brutally Rebukes QAnon Following Capitol Hill Raid


Alex Jones went in on a QAnon supporter during a recent episode of his show.

Popular conspiracy theorist and InfoWars founder Alex Jones is done with QAnon believers following the violent raid on the United States Capitol, earlier this week.

During a segment on a new episode of his show, The Alex Jones Show, he completely rebukes the movement, to the point of breaking character to laugh:

“Because every god damn thing out of you people’s mouths doesn’t come true. And it’s always ‘oh, there’s energy’ or ‘oh, now we’re done with Trump. You said he was the messiah! You said he was invincible! You said that it was all over. That they were going to Gitmo. And now that he’s part of a larger thing of Q. I will not suffer your Q people after this. I knew what you were day one, I know what you are now, and I’m sick of it.”

QAnon is a vast far-right conspiracy theory that alleges that President Donald Trump is fighting against a powerful group of pedophiles that are running a global child sex-trafficking ring, but it encompasses much more.

Jones, who was present at the Capitol Hill riot, recently said he was involved in leading the march, which turned violent and resulted in five deaths:

And then the White House told me three days before, ‘We’re going to have you lead the march. The Secret Service — before Trump finishes, 30 minutes before — so we’ll lead you to a point, take you out of the front row and lead you to the place where they want you to start the march and Trump will tell people, ‘Go, and I’m going to meet you at the Capitol.’

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