Do you have an innovative idea or solution to improve the lives of children (especially those from marginalised communities) in Uganda?

Join the UNICEF Uganda Innovation Fund Challenge with your innovative concept or offering. Deadline to apply is 7th February 2021.

UNICEF 2021 Uganda Innovation Fund Challenge (UGX 80 Million Grant) - Get  The latest Information

UNICEF Uganda Innovation Fund Challenge ApplicationUNICEF Uganda has launched an Innovation Fund Challenge to deepen participatory practices in providing innovative solutions to national social policy challenges, with a view to transform the local ecosystem by leveraging on the disruptive power of technology as a driver for inclusive and sustainable growth. The main objective of the UNICEF Uganda Innovation Fund challenge is to provide innovative avenues to enhance UNICEF’s ability to achieve the outcomes outlined in the country programme document, and the achievement of the SDG

For this call, you are expected to propose solutions that:

+ Enhance and improve child survival and development among newborns, children and adolescent boys and girls;
+ Improve access to basic education and adolescent development for girls and boys aged 3 – 19 to achieve appropriate learning outcomes ;
+ Ensure that children in Uganda are free from all forms of violence abuse, neglect and exploitation – including harmful practices – and realise their right to legal identity

Please answer all the questions in the application by 7th February 2020

To support constructive engagement, we propose that you use the following guiding principles to develop your innovative solutions:

+ Advancing gender equality and empowerment for children & young people;
The centrality of gender inequality and discrimination, as both a root cause and a consequence of violence against children, requires that services ensure gender sensitive and responsive policies and practices are in place. Solutions must ensure that violence will not be condoned, tolerated or perpetuated.

+ A Rights based approach;
A human rights approach calls for solutions that prioritize the safety and wellbeing children, and treat them with dignity, respect and sensitivity. It also calls for solutions of good quality, available, accessible and acceptable to children and adolescents.

+ Culturally and age appropriate and sensitive;
Such solutions must respond to the individual circumstances and life experiences of children and adolescents, taking into account their age, identity, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity and language preferences.

+ For digital products, keep in mind the UN Digital principles;
UNICEF subscribes to the UN Digital principles that emphasise that while designing solutions, there is a need to understand the existing ecosystem, build for sustainability, and design with the users among others.

Please check the website for the eligibility criteria.

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