“Last year the case docket was handed over to the senior public prosecutor for a decision. On November 5, the case docket was withdrawn by the director of public prosecutions at court,” he told the publication.

The NPA spokesperson Mashudu Malabi-Dzhangi told Sowetan Live that there was no concrete evidence to arrest Sjava and charge him of rape. “The state declined to prosecute the case because it believed the facts or evidence do not support a successful prosecution.”

When the country learned of this new revelation, #LadyZamarMustFall started gaining momentum. This saw the Collide hitmaker facing another wave of social media bullying. Even though it has not been discovered whether musician Sjava is innocent or guilty, people have already drawn to their own conclusions.

Musician and activist Ntsiki Mazwai has expressed how heartbroken she is for Zamar because she has to face bullies whilst battling the alleged trauma she faced.

She and many other people continue lending their support to Zamar with many uttering the words, “I still believe her” and “I stand with Lady Zamar.”

“They say you must fall because like millions of women you couldn’t bring your broken soul as evidence….I’m sorry you’re going through this Zamar. Am so heartbroken,” Ntsiki tweeted.

As a rape survivor herself, Ntsiki has expressed how the justice system in the country fails to protect rape victims but continuously protect rapists. “The south African justice system works in favor of rapists.”

Ntsiki Mazwai the activist came out in full force on social media today, as she continuously uses her voice to protect women. The topic of rape has always been highly sensitive and the lack of justice many women get is alarming.

“Women will continue to be raped because we are not organized. We are always fighting amongst ourselves on who will be the leader of women. Then we sabotage each other…. And we ALL lose as we continue to be raped.

“Rape is not some foreign and violent act…It is as little as a woman just saying ‘I don’t feel like it,’ and you insist. So how do we bring evidence for that???” she said.

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