Potential Equip Network is uniting students, visionaries, mentees, mentors, pacesetters, business minded and experts to create a unify platform to rise together and change the world.

Potential Equip Network is a community and social network of like-minded people who are passionate to motivate and help discover, equip and build the potentials of others as well as empowering themselves. With the vision to discover, equip and build the potentials of students and youth writers in Africa; we have open the call for application for African students to participate in the 2020 Student Compendium Program (STUCOP).

The Students Compendium Program (STUCOP) is uniting and empowering student writers and future authors in Africa into one platform for a period of 2 months to submit articles, write-ups and network on the 17 sustainable Development Goals. Each Student applicant is to select one sustainable Development goal and write an article on it using their own creative title (s) and concepts. The articles should be the students own work and ideas. The articles must be free from plagiarism. Articles which are plagiarize will be rejected and student applicant disqualify.

The Theme for this year Students Compendium Program (STUCOP) is “Write, Inspire and Promote SDGs”.

In this year program, we will be selecting finalist (STUCOP 2020 COHORTS) whose articles will be published and authenticated in our digital library for easy accessibility to other students and youth across the World.
Benefits of 2020 STUCOP COHORTS includes
1. Selected finalist become a member of the STUCOP Network.
2. Selected finalist become an alumni of STUCOP and Provide Mentorship to upcoming student writers and future authors.
3. Selected finalist become an ambassador for SDGs through creative writing.
4. Finalist will be facilitators of our offline and online programs for students.
5. Get the opportunity to network with other students scholars across Africa.
6. Certificates will be given to all successful finalist.
7. Other benefits and information will be made available during the program.

An online dashboard will be created for each registered student applicant who will participate in the program to share ideas, have access to wide varieties of training manuals and opportunity to network with other students. We encourage more student girls to apply and register.

Registration must be done at https://www.potentialequip.org/stucop2020 before submission of articles.
Registration and Submission of articles are open from 20th October, 2020 – 20th November, 2020.

Announcements of finalist will be done in December, 2020 at Potential Equip Network website and social media pages.

Visit the Potential Equip Network website at https://www.potentialequip.org for more details of our other programs.
You can also follow or like our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/PotentialEquipNetwork for updates of STUCOP 2020 and other programs.
For partnership, sponsorship or more enquiries email as at info@potentialequip.org or whatsapp us on +233571539315

Deadline 11/20/2020

Apply to stucop@potentialequip.org

Official website www.potentialequip.org

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