After thorough investigation from a reliable source. CASH CHAIN INVESTMENT is creating Whatsapp accounts from which it markets its scam investment packages to unsuspecting members of the public whom are in search of investment opportunities. It was discovered that a group of young men have setup the trending new ways to scam people off of their hard earned money.

The platform by the name of cash chain investment uses the face of actors and well known YouTube comedians to setup an ad videos which is one of the major selling strategy for this particular scheme. They use deep fake and/or hyper reality tech to prepare the fake videos.

Below is the packages they use


When unsuspecting individual pays a particular sum, they will demand for more payment and more payment and nothing comes back.

Here is a link to the dubious Facebook page

Here is one of the cash out account they use in people in disguise of an agent account.

Account name
Account number
*Access Bank*

Here is the link for bogus Facebook profile of a lady who is also promoting this dreaded scheme

This is the bogus Phone/WhatsApp number they use.

+234 814 843 5532

We call in the relevant authorities to investigate most importantly that of those celebrities and social influencers used in video ads to draw unsuspecting individuals attention into the dreaded scheme.

We believe that this is not even be the main Cash Chain Investment that has a website which is also a scamming platform.

We urge the public to stay clear from all these platforms to avoid unavoidable regrets of loosing you hard earned money.

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