Lilian Afegbai did not find it funny that some celebrities took to social media to admonish #EndSARS protesters not to lose focus.

The screen goddess and producer did not hesitate to tag them as shallow minded, noting that they’re acting as agents of division especially since the bulk of them saying this haven’t left the comfort of their homes to hit the streets.

Tackling the issue of food, drink and how people dress to protest grounds, Lilian Afegbai stated emphatically that it’s nobody’s business if a person chooses to eat and/or drink during the protests as it is not easy to come out every day and stay under the sun for hours in order to pass the message across.

She went further to state that people cannot be expected to look shabby just because they’re coming out to protest and as for her she doesn’t ‘have mad people’s clothes in her closet’, hence, sh will dress fashionably to the protest grounds.

She urged everyone to keep the focus on the #EndSARS, #EndSWAT movement rather than on trivial things like food, drinks and clothing.


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