AKA’s excitement might be cut short after realizing that he was tricked by a Megacy.

A tweep named Rubu Thulisa has made herself the leader of Supa Mega fans and she’s called Bhovaress.

Taking to social media, she announced that she will be getting married soon and expects all other Megacy to be around.

However, watching the video she used to announce, it was realized that she played a prank, and the wedding news was fake.

But AKA didn’t get to watch the video to the end and assumed he has a weeding to plan for.

The rapper says it’s a big news, and further said he will be performing at the wedding.

“I wanna perform at the reception. For sure.”

In other news, AKA is through working on Bhovamania EP and it will be out soon alongside the merch, but a release date is yet to be revealed.


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