G59’s Ramirez is back in full effect with his latest project, Tha Playa$ Manual. With a distinctive influence from the West Coast, Ramirez unleashes a fifteen track project with appearances from Night Lovell, Pouya, Shakewell, and several cameos from Rocci. 

“What inspired my project was the music I grew up with… that old Bay Area gangsta rap,” Ramirez told Respect Mag about what influenced his brand new project. San Francisco had a very unique sound when it came to the 90s. You have the Rappin’ 4-Tays, RBL Posses, Cellskis, Andre Nickatinas, Dush Trays, San Quinns and the get low production. My neighborhood was full of low riders and the gang bangers would treat me like family cuz I grew up there.”

Check out Ramirez’ new project below. 



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