Taylor Gang’s own Sk8 reveals some of his favorite Quarantine treats, including a few childhood favorites.

With Quarantine and social-distancing measures in full swing, many rappers have been forced to do the unthinkable — cook nutritious meals on a daily basis. At least, in theory. In reality, many have simply opted to stock up on comfort food and childhood classics. Count Taylor Gang’s own Sk8 among that particular group, as revealed during our latest installment of Quarantine Essentials. 

In fact, the man’s pantry is filled with so much sugar that Willy Wonka himself might be envious. For one, he’s got Fruit By The Foot on deck, “Crustables,” a pack of cereal for the kids, as well as boxes of Lucky Charms and Cap’n Crunch. But that’s not to say he’s completely unbalanced his diet. Sk8 proceeds to unveil a dragonfruit, which he declares to be the “cure” for coronavirus. “I picked that up for 2.99,” he muses, before gently placing the mysterious fruit back onto the shelf.

For those wondering about the protein situation, rest assured that Sk8 is well-taken care of in that department. Last but not least, he pulls out a pair of steaks which he proceeds to cook up, coated in butter no less. Be sure to check out the full segment below, and hit the comments with your takeaways — what are some of your favorite quarantine meals? 


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