Jeezy and Jeannie Mai will soon be married, and Fat Joe wanted to know what it was about the talk show host that made the rapper want to settle down.

When it comes to bragging about their romance, Jeezy and Jeannie Mai are unapologetic. When they first came forward to share that they were in a committed relationship, some people thought that they were an unconventional pair. However, they’ve never hesitated to give details about their growing love, and recently, the happy couple became engaged.

Jeezy, Jeannie Mai
Craig Barritt / Stringer / Getty Images

Fat Joe continues to hang out with his famous friends on Instagram Live as he pegs them with questions about their careers and personal lives. The “Lean Back” rapper couldn’t help but ask Jeezy about his relationship with The Real talk show host, asking Jeezy how he knew that Jeannie was “the one” for him.

“I just saw something that you had with Puff when he was saying that, when you get the one, you can’t play with it,” Jeezy responded, referencing the recent chat Fat Joe had with Diddy where the Bad Boy mogul told the “players” not to miss out on a good woman. “You just know. You can’t even play, bro. When you locked in mentally, that’s the battle. You want to build. You want to grow. You want to learn.” The rapper added that he didn’t even have to think twice about whether or not Jeannie Mai was the right woman for him.

“Like Puff say, you find the one, you can’t play,” Jeezy continued. Watch Fat Joe and Jeezy chop it up about settling down below.


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