You know that when G-Eazy drops one song, another one will follow. The Bay Area rapper has become king of the double drop, always delivering new music in pairs of two (or more). The rapper recently ventured into cover territory, opting to take on classic records from The Beatles, but now he’s back in hip-hop-pop form, with “Moana” featuring rapper on the rise Jack Harlow, and “Angel Cry” which features pop singer Devon Baldwin (who also happens to be of Bay Area origins). The former is the definition of easy listening, catchy hip-hop, with production from Zaytoven, where “Angel Cry” slides much further into pop-ballad land, with a hook from Baldwin. The chorus honestly wouldn’t sound out of a place on an Eminem single, while G-Eazy’s verses are introspective, reflecting on the past year, including the ups and downs of his personal life.

Which record are you digging more between the two? “Moana” received a cameo-packed music video, while “Angel Cry” is relegated to a black and white visualizer.

Whatever your pick, you can’t say G-Eazy isn’t coming through for the fans during Quarantine Season, with weekly releases.

Quotable Lyrics

Listen, pursuing vices what’s a life without ’em?
Cuz they’ll still be on my side
But at times you weren’t on mine



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