American actress, political activist, and former fashion model Jane Fonda recently joined TikTok and posted the ultimate throwback. Fonda took to the ultimate ‘destination for short-form mobile videos’ and posted a video of herself doing the famous Jane Fonda Workout in order to raise climate crisis awareness.

It is said that the retro and the ever so popular Jane Fonda workouts swept the country in the 80s. During this time, Fonda wrote a workout book about exercise. It was published in 1981 and made the top five on the New York Times nonfiction hardback bestseller list. A workout video was made from the book and was later adapted into an album.

Fonda later became “the world’s top fitness instructor”.

Jane Fonda on TikTok

“Hello to the people of TikTok” the 82-year-old actress said, “My name is Jane Fonda and I am going to bring back the Jane Fonda workout.”

Fonda also shared the video on her Instagram account for those who are not on TikTok yet.

Fire Drill Friday

Fonda also urged fans to join the very first virtual Fire Drill Friday rally. This is a movement “to keep the pressure on politicians to adopt a ‘green new deal’, end new fossil fuels, and enact a just transition to a renewable economy that protects workers and communities”.

“Whether you are on your couch or on your yoga matt, will you join me for virtual Fire Drill Fridays? The future needs you. I need you,” she said.

According to CNN, Fonda and Greenpeace USA are hosting the rally throughout the month of April. Fonda has also enlisted her celebrity friends, including Chelsea Handler, Piper Perabo, Amber Valetta, Alyssa Milano, Norman Lear, and Marisa Tomei to encourage supporters to join the movement.

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