Ja Morant should have been in the dunk contest.

Before Zion Williamson came back from his injury, it was quite obvious that Ja Morant was the best rookie in the NBA. Morant has been downright dominant for the Memphis Grizzlies and he is looking to carry them to a playoff spot. The rookie is feisty and bold and doesn’t seem to back away from a challenge. All of these characteristics are going to make him a problem for years to come and we can’t wait to see it all manifest before our very eyes.

While he didn’t participate in the dunk contest, it’s well known that Morant is an exceptionally proficient dunker. Prior to a game against the Sacramento Kings, Morant showed off his dunking ability and even paid tribute to Vince Carter with his “honey dip” dunk. Of course, the dunk had Morant hanging from the rim with his elbow. As you can see, Morant pulled off the move to perfection.

Unfortunately for Morant and the Grizzlies, they went on to lose by a score of 129-125. Despite the loss, the Grizzlies remain in eighth place in the Western Conference and are three games up on the Portland Trail Blazers. Hopefully, we can see Morant in the playoffs because simply put, it would be electric.

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