50 Cent calls out Mase for being hyprocritical by expecting Diddy to give him back his publishing when Mase owns Fivio Foreign’s.

After Diddy was bestowed with the Industry Icon Award at the Pre-Grammy Gala a few weeks ago, Mase came forward to criticize Diddy’s business tactics. According to Mase, when he was signed to Bad Boy Records, Diddy bought his publishing for a mere $20,000. Recently, Mase supposedly approached the mogul to buy back his publishing for $2 million, but Diddy declined as he had a higher offer on the table. Mase aired Diddy out for expecting him to outbid a European, while he’s preaching about black excellence. 

50 Cent has been in the music industry for quite some time now and he’s got a solid understanding of how business works in general. He’s also always willing to share his opinions on any topic, so he didn’t shy away from exposing Mase when appearing on RapRadar’s “Cigar Talk”. Fif argued that Mase was in no place to publicly shame Diddy for holding his publishing hostage when Mase is apparently doing the same thing with up-and-coming Brooklyn rapper, Fivio Foreign. 

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

“This is just personal shit between the two of them and those feelings are there because they have dealt with each other for years and years and years,” 50 started before going in on Mase. “When he’s pointing out the publishing shit, he’s doing the same shit to young boys now. Fivio [Foreign]. He’s doing the same thing that they did to you, boy. What the fuck you crying about some shit that somebody did to you and you doing it to someone else? Get the fuck out of here man.”

Putting aside judgments on the morality of these sorts of publishing deals, 50 believes artists need to accept their past decisions rather than getting salty. “You can’t cry over spilled milk after the fact, look at it and go ‘Oh, I should have never did this’… Things you go through make you who you are… At that point, when he did the deal, that’s the right deal. If you ask me if Fivio did the right deal, I’d say yeah.”

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