Quando Rondo keeps his two phones, backwoods, raw papers, cologne, bandanas, and more on him at all times of the day.

Hailing from Savannah, Georgia, Quando Rondo stopped by our offices recently to participate in the newest episode of In My Bag, emptying out his belongings and showing us what he rocks with on a daily basis. Much like the other guests we’ve had on the show, the Never Broke Again signee hammered home the fact that his dental hygiene is of utmost importance to him, carrying floss picks and toothpaste on him all the time. In fact, he began the video by taking out a stick of dental floss and going to town on his chompers as he went through the rest of his belongings. “I always keep these because I got permanent diamond teeth,” says Quando Rondo, motioning to his floss. Later in the show, he explains that he prefers baking soda-based toothpaste because it makes his diamonds shine the hardest.

Quando Rondo In My Bag

Following up his dental hygiene routine, the rising rapper usually sparks up a blunt, taking out a couple packs of backwoods from his bag. If he runs out, he’s always got raw papers on deck as well. The frequent NBA YoungBoy collaborator then pulls out a navy and royal blue bandana, which he says he values more than any of his jewelry. 

“I keep these with me from day to night. Everywhere. I keep these more than my chains,” says Quando about his Crip bandanas. 

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