It feels like we’ve been anticipating Deadstar 2 for over a year but still, Smokepurpp has been taking his time on its release. Hopefully, the amount of time he’s spending on the body of work translates to an essential listening experience. Today, the Florida-based rapper returns from the shadows with a lead-up single called “Audi 2,” showcasing his flows and his boisterous bars.

In the original “Audi,” Purpp declared that he doesn’t want friends, he wants Audis. Several years later, the rapper has already moved on to larger things. Instead of copping the Audi, Purpp now has his eyes on the Rolls-Royce, upping the ante a little bit and preparing us for the potential trilogy in a couple of years. Which whip do you think he’ll move onto next?

Deadstar 2 releases on December 13.

Quotable Lyrics:

I need a bag, fuck a bitch
Smokin’ biscotti and cookie, I mix
Pop me a Perc’, fuck a bitch
She didn’t want me, she want me again
If I step out, they want pics
Let that lil’ ho suck the dick like a tick
Then I’ma bust on her face
I wanted an Audi, but then bought a Wraith

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