Thanks to some influence by JAY-Z and his new involvement with the NFL, excommunicated Quarterback Colin Kaepernick was scheduled to receive an NFL-sanctioned “Team Workout” on Friday (Nov. 15) in Atlanta including all 32 NFL teams for the opportunity to earn a spot on a team and return to the NFL after being blackballed years ago. However, leading up to Friday, Colin canceled the league approved workout due to media being denied access by the NFL and put on his own workout Saturday (Nov. 16) in Atlanta and invited out the press for coverage. TMZ reports that sources close to Hov say the billionaire is “disappointed” in Colin squandering the opportunity to return to the NFL and turned it into a “publicity stunt”.

Colin claims that the reason for bailing on the NFL was that he wanted transparency, insisting this could not be the case as the NFL would not allow him to have media at the workout. Reviews on Kap’s workout are mixed, with some saying he has a great arm and others citing he is “average at best”.

As the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, Colin took the organization to the Super Bowl (2013) two years into his career where they lost to the Baltimore Ravens. Colin was released in 2016 following the infamous refusal to stand for the national anthem and deciding to kneel instead.

In August, JAY-Z partnered with the NFL to create the social-justice program. Since taking the position, JAY has been plagued by the media about plans for helping Colin Kaepernick return to the NFL. Upon taking the position, JAY-Z claimed to have spoken with Colin beforehand but did not reveal the particulars of the conversation.

More as this story develops.

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