It’s about that time for Flipp Dinero to release an album, and the rapper recently shared that a new project is on the way. Flipp will reportedly drop Love for Guala on November 22. For those of you who are asking what “Guala” means, it apparently stands for “God’s Unique Accolade Life Acquired.”

In anticipation of his forthcoming project that hits the streets next week, Flipp shares his latest single “How I Move” featuring Lil Baby. HHNM reports the rapper recently spoke candidly about what went into crafting the record. “I sequenced the project with intent; I try to give fans what they want before I give them what they need,” Flipp said. “There’s a transition from hood sounds to a more universal sound: it starts with songs from the street, then love songs, to ending with songs about growth and being a man.” Check out “How I Move” and let us know if you’re excited about Flipp Dinero’s Love for Guala.

Quotable Lyrics

I really run it up, baby
If the topic is money, I’m comin’ up
She gon’ suck ’til I pop without comin’ up
I’m the main and the front, you the runner up
Really don’t give a f*ck, yeah
How I move, way I talk, they try pick it up


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