50 Cent is being attacked over the post.

Even if you work on-set with 50 Cent, you’re not exempt from his trollery. In fact, there’s an even higher chance that you’ll find yourself on the receiving end of some playful jabs online. After seemingly being banned from Instagram another time, 50 Cent has taken to Twitter to share all of his ridiculous content, coming after a number of his rivals and also targeting his friends. This time, Power star Naturi Naughton felt the wrath of her executive producer when the rapper-turned-television mogul posted a comparison shot of Naughton and a character from Mortal Kombat.

“Who the fuck did this,” asked Fif as his caption before he proceeded to share the picture. While he doesn’t directly make reference to Naturi’s hairline, he is very clearly poking fun at her appearance, comparing her to Goro, who wears his hair in a high pony-tail. Fans of the rapper were not pleased with the upload, trashing him in his replies. 

“50 cent doing that to Naturi is so lame, he should be protecting her as his staff esp when she’s said she’s not happy with what he posted before,” wrote one critic in response to the tweet. “It looks like someone wasn’t getting enough attention and had to go after Naturi again,” added another.

Do you think 50 Cent should cool it with all the insults? Naturi Naughton, especially, has been critical of the content he posts about her.



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