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Member of the APC Presidential media committee, Segun Oshinga has defined Hate Speech and what the Bill means.

According to Segun Oshinga, the Hate Speech Bill passed by the senate is necessary to avoid a re-occurrence of the Rwandan genocide in Nigeria.

Segun Oshinaga defines "Hate Speech” says Bill is necessary to avoid the Rwandan genocide in Nigeria

He said;

It is a good idea as long as it does not violate the legitimate fundamental right of Nigerians.
There is no doubt that we are more than over due for something like this. We have seen hate speech become an act by itself because of politics. Countries have gone to war because of such things.
The recent example is Rwanda. When it was not checked on time, it led to a full blown war where people died, millions of people die and therefore it is important to have consequences for deliberate mischievous hate speeches, those who enjoy….

When asked to define hate speech, he said;

Hate speech is any speech with political undertone that denigrates or insults other people’s belief system and ethnicity for whatever reason that is written to disparage others because of where they come from.

Watch the video below.

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