He said it’s something he’s “passionate about.”

We’re used to seeing artists rollout their next project, but Safaree Samuels and wife Erica Mena Samuels have been rolling out the arrival of their first child together. The pair recently announced that they’ll be welcoming a daughter into the world, and every day they share yet another photo of Erica’s growing baby belly.

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

The excitement took a bit of a pause, however, after the pair announced that they weren’t going to vaccinate their baby. The news was met with an onslaught of criticism from the public but that hasn’t stopped Erica from sharing information about the alleged dangers of vaccinations. The expectant mother isn’t just taking shots from the public; her 11-year-old son, King, has also been vocal about not agreeing with his mother’s choice.

The Blast shared an exchange between the mother and her preteen as he scolded Erica for not choosing to vaccinate. King reportedly texted his mother, “Just admit youre wrong and give up.” Erica didn’t appreciate his tone and responded, “Don’t talk to your mother like this is disrespectful and not gonna be tolerated.”

Then, King wrote back, “Oh, I’m sorry for wanting my baby sister to live as healthy as possible. While youre convinced ignoring what right for her is fine? Im sorry for possibly being disrespectful but im only being that way because im passionate about this. I love you.” Erica decided to switch the narrative and turn the conversation into something positive. “Look at you being a great big brother. I can’t for her to get here so you can defend her with all your might.” Are you pro or anti vaccinations?


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