He needed Tyga to give up that hairline surgeon information.

As Chixtape V’s November 15 release date approaches, the world will see much more of Tory Lanez. The rapper-singer is making the press rounds promoting his forthcoming anticipated project, and recently he shared a few interesting tidbits with HipHopDX. We’re expecting a bevy of guests on Chixtape V, but Tory claims that to date, he’s never had to pay another artist for a feature. He credits that as being industry trade-offs with artists in an unspoken agreement of doing each other favors.

Cassidy Sparrow/Getty Images

“I have paid for a clearance for 2 Chainz,” Tory added. “I didn’t understand why I was paying for the clearance, but whatever. That’s probably the closest thing I’ve ever… He charged me like, $50,000, bruh! I was mad as f*ck. I called that n*gga up like, ‘Bruh, boy you trippin’, bruh.’ He was like, ‘Nah, bruh. Lil Wayne charged me [$75,000], $100,000 one time.’ I said, aight, cool.” Tory did mention that the most he ever received for a feature was $150K after some artists in London dropped the cash to get him on their track.

In another clip of the interview, Tory shared that he had to get his hair together so he called up Tyga to get the details on who restored his hairline. Tory said that for the information, he offered Tyga unlimited features for life. We all witnessed Tyga share the name and phone number of his surgeon last year, but Tory said that his deal with the hitmaker went down before that happened. Watch the videos below.


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