GIG Group’s logistics arm, GIGL,has launched its highly anticipated GIGGO App and everyone should be delighted.

How the App works: Sign in/Login from your mobile devices, follow the instructions and select appropriate commands.

From thereon, GIGGO will provide you seamless shipment creation from the comfort of homes and offices. Talk of an amazing innovation!

With the new technology, you can ship multiple items to the same location and also track the delivery partner assigned to pick up the shipment.

GIGGO allows you to order a dispatch rider to get your packages delivered within minutes across several preferred locations hassle free.

In our review, what we found out is that GIGGO is more than just an application: Here’s why…

– Shipping will be as easy as ABC and more convenient. At the touch of a button, new and existing customers can now do more whenever, wherever.

– Shipping cost would be discounted when the App is used to initiate pick-up. This means you can pay less for a large volume of consignment. Who no like better thing?

– GIGL will not only expand but a greater number of clients while deploying less resources. We expect that the App will boost the company’s penetration in the sub-sector.

– GIGL is creating direct and indirect employment; i.e. the company’s further growth will lead to additional recruitment, while partners can also engage extra hands.

– GIGGO is a very good tool for young and budding entrepreneurs. It will help small and medium scale businesses flourish; we expect their profit to double.

– The App will no doubt enable improved quality service delivery. Customers are encouraged to give feedback and suggestions on how they can be better served.

– GIGGO is bound to simplify logistics operations, make daily performance less tasking for staff, give GIGL facile access to new markets and increase its industry share.

Click here to download GIGGO App now

Did you know? GIGL is Nigeria’s foremost logistics company founded in 2012. With several local branches and a robust global network, GIGL is the first choice in freight forwarding, haulage services, mailroom services, warehousing and distribution services and e-commerce logistics.

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