Authorities in Mpumalanga are hunting for three suspects involved in a brutal farm attack, which took place on Uitkyk Road in the early hours of Sunday morning. As police told Lowvelder, the victims have been identified as elderly couple Henry and Martie Brown.

Farm attackers in Mpumalanga thwarted

Despite striking their targets with pangas, the only fatality was one of the armed robbers. The son of the couple – identified as Tommy Brown – was staying at the property overnight, and sprang into action after he’d heard the attack escalating. He was shot in the leg during an exchange of gunfire, but the wounded family member managed to fatally subdue the intruder with some of his own sharp-shooting.

We’ve been told that there was an attempt to drag the lifeless body of one of the farm attackers away on-foot, but his three co-conspirators gave up when it became obvious there was no chance of a revival. They scarpered away from the scene, as the Browns desperately sought medical attention.

What we know about the crime

All three victims have been taken into hospital for immediate care. The police remain at the scene on Sunday evening, as they forensically search for clues that will bring these thugs to justice. Local police have also revealed the following details about this harrowing incident.

  • The attack took place at 2:00 this morning
  • The victims suffered injuries to their heads and legs.
  • The body of the slain farm attacker was dumped in some bushes, about 200 metres away from the property.
  • The four robbers are thought to have gained entry through an open window at the back of the farmhouse.

Mpumalanga farm attack: Rural citizens still waiting on safety units

Despite the heinous nature of the crime, things could have ended much worse for the Brown family. Farm and rural safety has been bumped up the agenda for a number of local governments, but the deployment of specialised units hasn’t had approval from national structures yet.

The investigation is still ongoing in Mpumalanga.

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