The Pepper Dem Gang strolled into the Diary Room to make their Nominations but a surprise awaited them after. With the individual Nominations out of the way, the Ultimate Veto Power was put into play and whatever plans the Big Brother Naija Housemates had fell through without any warning.

Here’s Who Nominated Who

Who They Nominated
 Tacha and Omashola
 Tacha and Frodd
 Cindy and Elozonam
 Cindy and Elozonam
 Mercy and Mike
Diane and Ike
Mercy and Elozonam
 Frodd and Tacha
 Mike and Tacha
 Ike and Mercy

Ultimate VPH Time!

The Ultimate Veto Power nullified all Nomination made and in the presence of all the Housemates, Frodd was given one minute to Nominate five Housemates. Without hesitation, Frodd went for the jugular and put up Cindy, Elozonam, Ike, Mike and Tacha on the Nomination block.

The Insured

“You are safe from tonight’s Nominations and henceforth guaranteed a place in the final week… unless you break the house rules and get disqualified.” Those were Biggie’s words to Mercy who already bought immunity.

The same insurance also applied to Seyi who by virtue of winning the Head of House challenge, was also guaranteed a place in the final week.

It’s going to be a tense ride in the days coming and sparks will definitely fly. Are you ready?

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