A rare bee – the osmia avosetta species – that arrived in the UK from Turkey in someone’s luggage, has escaped after sentenced to death and it’s now wanted.

The bee, which poses a very serious threat to the UK bee population, had been due to be destroyed by Defra, but it has now vanished.

It had built cocoons out of flower petals in the conservatory of the Toy family when they returned from Dalaman. The cocoons that it built are due to be taken away today and destroyed by the The Animal and Plant Health Agency.

British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) says the bee could have a ‘devastating effect’ on British bees and endanger them by spreading deadly viruses, or multiply and eventually out compete British bees.

An APHA spokesperson said: ‘We remain vigilant, working closely with the National Bee Unit and their nationwide network of bee inspectors to monitor the situation.’

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