Popular street boy, Shoki Shitta who came into social media spotlight after a video of him praising Nigerian singer, Davido caused him to be assaulted by some guys said to be fans of the singer’s counterpart, Wizkid.

Shoki Shitta begs Davido

The video of Shoki Shitta being brutally assaulted led to the arrest of a popular street thug and also the reward of a million Naira from singer, Davido.

In recent developments, it looks like Shoki Shitta has turned from being a millionaire to a pauper overnight as a video shows him begging the singer for more money.

According to Shoki, the Million Naira Davido previously gave him was shared among his peers and now, he’s out of funds and needs the singer to reimburse him and not forget him.

He admits that he didn’t make good use of the money the singer gave him and begs for more because he is “his boy” and should be treated as such.

The video which has now gone viral on social media, has a lot of netizens disappointed with how the street urchin blew a million naira in no time and lots are of the notion that he wasn’t worth the money in the first place.

Watch Shoki beg Davido for more money below,

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