A former family friend to COZA pastor Bidoun Fatoyinbo, Dolapo Oseji, has also reacted to the rape allegation the pastor is dealing with at the moment.

According to Dolapo, Biodun also invited her to a hotel with the aim of sleeping with her.

Dolapo took to her IG page to first commend Busola for sharing her story then went on to tell her own story.

In her words;

I salute you @busoladakolo and @timidakolo You have shown so much courage. I pray the Holy Spirit continues to strengthen you and heal you completely.

It’s difficult to see your Pastor accused of a crime so grave. However, it’s important we realise that evil thrives when good people keep quiet. Rape is a serious crime and must not be covered up. I believe her because I had a personal encounter with Pastor Biodun several years ago.

He had become a family friend and was also my sister’s Pastor as she attended COZA. Bottom line is on a certain day he was in Lagos, he asked me to spend the night in his hotel room with him. He made it seem so innocent but I was already in my twenties and knew it was inappropriate to spend a night alone with him for whatever re

ason. I also wondered what his wife and my relatives would think of it. That was the end of my interaction with him. Everyone makes mistakes however we must not condone anyone making such repeated mistakes. To any leader in any capacity exploiting the vulnerable under you, TIMES UP.

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