A video showing the moment a young man took off his shirt to give to a homeless man on the street, has gone viral after hitting social media.

Young man takes off his shirt, gives to homeless man on the street

In the video, the man could be seen giving food and drink to the homeless man before removing his shirt and putting on the man.

The homeless man was obviously full of excitement and could not contain his joy as he was captured in a very happy mood after he was adorned with the neat and beautiful shirt.

Watch the video:

In the spirit of #FathersDay, young man shows love with food and his shirt to a homeless man on the street.pic.twitter.com/H81tAlwDoI

— Laila Ijeoma (@LailaIjeoma) June 17, 2019

See social media reaction:

*** It doesn’t really have to be one but there are people out there who love to see videos like this, rather than videos that contain violence and crime. Personally I love the gesture and I loved seeing him do that, it made me happy.

***I don’t want to understand the motivé behind this awesome gesture but this guy won ma heart … King I Stan.

*** Wow more of this…. I thought he would off his short too…just kidding..guys are really improving and more mature this days

*** Would love to do this but the very moment you step out of the car to give someone like this food and cloth on the street where you have a lot of people, they’d term you a yahoo boy trying to snatch destiny.

*** Everything about this feels off. Nothing is genuine anymore. Everyone wants to play to the gallery and show themselves to benign by day while they hunt others down and harm them ruthlessly at night. This is where we are today. Hypocrisy everywhere.


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