World boxing heavyweight Champion, Anthony Joshua has stated that he wants a face to face personal talks with Deontay Wilder who has been ranting about wanting to fight him.

Anthony Joshua calls for face-to-face talks with Deontay Wilder (Video)  Anthony Joshua calls for face-to-face talks with Deontay Wilder (Video)-

In an interview, Anthony Joshua told the US boxer to quit the talking and come face him like a man in the ring. He made many other bold talks which can only be heard in the video below.

Anthony Joshua will be defending his IBO, WBO and WBA titles against Ruiz Jr this weekend and Deontay Wilder has stated that he will be there at the Madison Square Garden.

“I’ve got a lot of obligations to fulfil,” says Wilder. “But if that date is open for me you may see Deontay Wilder there.

“When it’s a good scrap, a good fight that people want to see, you might find me there. I can’t say right now, I can’t promise you that but when that time comes we’ll see what happens.”

Wilder was also asked about a unification clash with Britain’s three-belt champion Joshua. And he says:

“It’s going to happen, it will happen. I believe in all my heart it will happen. I don’t want this to be a Lennox [Lewis] and [Riddick] Bowe situation, I definitely don’t.

“The heavyweight division is so lit right now, it’s on fire right now. I think it is our obligation, our duty to give the fans what they want.

“I always say how we’ve been trying, but it’s going to come back around again and I think the next time it comes around the discussions, that deal we’ve been trying to make, something is going to get done.

“I just want people to have patience, and with patience comes time and just let us have our moments and let us do what we do.

“When things go silent, that’s when the magic happens. It may not come when you want it, but it’s always on time.”

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