Nollywood actress, Lizzy Gold Onuwaje took to her Instagram page to tell men that they don’t have an excuse to be poor because she has zero tolerance for poor men.

Lizzy Gold Onuwaje tells men

She wrote,

‘I’ve zero tolerance for poor a legit job hard’ve no excuse to be poor. even in the bible it is stated that Man must till the ground .stop been lazy and stop depending on people to survive.. If you don’t have money do not get married even my brothers are not exempted from this advice.’

In another post directed to women, she wrote,

‘Ladies, pls even if you are financially independent and strong, if you don’t see an average hardworking man or rich man do not marry..I repeat do not marry a poor man..marriage is not compulsory do not allow society to pressurize you into is too short to live a sad life.’

Lizzy Gold Onuwaje tells men

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