Lol, somebody said the cross-dresser looks like Shrek in the video. Ladies and gentlemen, Nigeria’s top male barbie doll, Bobrisky’s greatest fear did not elude him when he featured in a video with his bestie, Tonto Dikeh, which was shared on social media.

It’s no news that the effeminate is a big fan of filters and heavy makeup when it comes to uploading pictures and videos on social media… well, this time, it looks like he was betrayed by his very own when he featured in a filterless and makeup free video with his best friend.

Tonto was having a face beat session and it looks like Bobrisky was waiting his turn for his own session too, Tonto then made a video of her transforming her face, which Bobrisky later bombed in looking like a real man with wigs on.

The video has left people in stitches as it seems like the cross-dresser is actually confused about his sexuality – it was only days ago we saw him flash major cleavage, looking like a woman et al and now he looks like Shrek… Lol.

Watch the video below,

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